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Q1.  How do I purchase tickets for the Auditorium ticketed series?
You may purchase ticket through this website.
Q2.  Are parents required to stay at a preschool program?
Yes, parents are required to stay on site at all preschool programs, unless otherwise noted.
Q3.  How do I cancel out of a program?
Refunds of fees paid for most activities will be made under certain conditions. For allowed refunds you may be charged a refund fee of up to $5. Refunds are not available after the activity registration deadline except for substantial hardships.
Q4.  How do I cancel a picnic shelter reservation?
Cancellations may be placed up to 14 days in advance with refund of rental fee. Refunds will not be given for inclement weather, cancellations less than 14 days prior to the date reserved, or the administrative fee.
Q5.  How do you determine Residency vs. Non-Residency?
You must live inside the corporate limits of Garner at the time of your registration in order to be charged the Town of Garner Resident rate. All others will be charged the Non-Resident rate.