Review times are approximately 2 - 3 weeks, once the reviewers complete their comments, the applicants are provided comments.

Business Registration Form


Conditional and/or Special Use Site and/or Subdivision Requests:

Rezoning Requests:

Zoning Compliance Requests:

Site Plan Requests:

Annexation Form Contiguous to Town Limits

Annexation Form for Satellite Property

Conditional Use Plan - Site/Subdivision

Special Use Permit

Owner Authorization Form

Conditional Use Rezoning
(Must file Con. Use Application - Site/Subdivision)

General District Rezoning

Owner Authorization Form

Zoning Compliance – General(Must file Business Registration Form)

Zoning Compliance – Home Occupation(Must file Business Registration Form)

Zoning Compliance – Accessory Structure

Zoning Compliance – Fence
 Temporary Use

Staff Review - Site Plan

Owner Authorization Form

Sign Permits:

Planned Development:

Major Subdivision Requests:



Sign Permit

Temporary Sign Permit

Master Sign Plan

Modification to Master Sign Plan

Construction Temporary Sign Permit

Planned Development – Site Plan

Planned Development – Master Plan

Planned Development - Rezoning

Planned Development – Owner Authorization

Major Subdivision

Owner Authorization Form

Final Plat

Minor Plat

Subdivision Exemption

Plat Certificates

Exemption Certificates

Minor Plat Certificates

Final Plat Certificates

Plats are sent out on Friday before 12 noon and the reviewers have 10 days to review and make comments; once comments are completed, the comments are sent back to the surveyor. This process will continue until all comments are addressed.

Development Checklist

Master Sign Plan Checklist

Modification to Master Sign Plan Checklist