The Town of Garner Planning Department accepts applications and petitions at any time during business hours; however, the applications and petitions listed below will not enter the Town's review cycle until the second business day of any month.  Consequently, the deadline for submission of these applications and petitions for entering the formal review cycle is 5:00pm on the first business day of the month.   See submittal schedule  

Plans that follow this submittal schedule are:

  • General Use Rezoning

  • Conditional Use Zoning/Permit

  • Special Use Permit

  • Planned Development Zoning/Plan Review

  • Site Plan

  • Master Sign Plan

  • Voluntary Annexation Petition

  • Board of Adjustment Applications (Variance, Appeal, Special Exception)

  • UDO Text Amendment

Generally, one month of staff review and client responses is allotted per project, meaning that the approval meetings and hearings may take place in the following 4-6 weeks.  However, if staff is unable to find that an application is complete and/or that the applicant has not substantially complied with the Town's regulations within that time period, the project will carry forward to the next review cycle and approval meetings and hearings will be delayed by a month. 

The following applications may be submitted at any time and will be reviewed within 10-15 business days:

  • Sign Permit

  • Temporary Sign Permit

  • Temporary Use Permit

  • Zoning Compliance Permits

Plats can be submitted by Thursday of each week for distribution to reviewers on Friday and will be reviewed within 10-15 business days:

  • Minor Subdivision Plat

  • Exempt Plats

  • Final Plat

  • Major Subdivision Plat