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Backyard Hen(s) Informational Booklet
Unified Development Ordinance
TOG Communication Plan
Hazard Mitigation Plan
Capital Improvement Plan
Town of Garner Fee Schedule
Citizen Newsletters
Garner Town Code & Ordinances

Town Council:

Town Standards

Budget Documents:
2016-2017 Recommended Budget
2015-2016 Adopted Budget
2015-2016 Adopted Budget in Brief
2015-2016 Adjustments to Recommended Budget
2015-2016 Recommended Budget
2014-2015 Adopted Budget
2014-2015 Adopted Budget in Brief
2014-2015 Recommended Budget
2013-2014 Adopted Budget
2013-2014 Adopted Budget in Brief
2012-2013 Annual Operating Budget
2011-2012 Annual Operating Budget

Financial Reports:
2015 Popular Annual Financial Report
2015 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2014 Popular Annual Financial Report
2014 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2013 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2012 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Other Documents and Links:
Minority Business Policy
Town of Garner Fee Schedule
Current Unclaimed Checks over $1000
2014 Vendor History
Finance Forms & Applications
Finance Department Staff

Position Classification Plan

Database Catalog

Permit Brochure
Deck Brochure
Pine Straw / Combustible Landscaping Materials
NC Building Codes

Garner Indoor Recreation Center Conceptual Master Plan
Current Brochure
2015-2016 Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Program Budget
Senior Center Monthly Newsletter
Special Events Permit
Special Events Policy
Special Events Rates
White Deer Park - Current Programs
White Deer Park - Educational Programs
White Deer Park - Group Outing Tips
White Deer Park - Map
Proposed North Garner Greenway Information
Comprehensive Parks, Recreation, and Greenways Master Plan
Comprehensive Parks, Recreation, and Greenways Master Action Plan Map
Comprehensive Parks, Recreation, and Greenways Master Plan Greenways Map
Vendor Rules and Regulations
White Deer Dash Brochure

Backyard Hen Permit Application
Temporary Sign Regulations
Historic Downtown Plan
Streetscape Plan
Transportation Plan (adopted 10/4/10)
Sign Enforcement Program
Unified Development Ordinance
Water and Sewer Connections
Water Sewer Allocation Policy
Voluntary Annexations
Town Maps

Board of Adjustment:

Planning Commision: