Database Catalog


Animalreg Animal Registration files
Annexations All Town of Garner annexations
Assessments Water, Sewer, Street Assessments to Town Residents
Bbs Departmental message board; confidential criminal intelligence information
Bid List (under construction) List of Qualified Bidders eligible for conducting town business
Boadj Board of Adjustment cases
Business Rolodex Business and Alarm company contact information
Cace_l Accreditation Documentation Compliance
Cad Computer aided dispatch and 911 generates calls
cfs Geocode information for Police mapping
Contracts Contracts and required data for current town contracts
Cud Rez Conditional Use Rezoning Cases
Development Conditional & Special Use Site Plan Cases
Easements All Town of Garner easements 
empint Online interest cards; applicants interested in future employment
Employee Drivers License License numbers for conducting yearly motor vehicle checks
Enforcement Nusiance and Code Enforcement ( separate from STAR TRACKER) 
EquipmentInventory Tracks equipment assignment, work in progress
FalseAlarms Record of billings for false alarm calls
Fire Fire Inspections Results 
Fleet  Inventory and repair information on vehicles
Fuel Master  Information on fuel consumption and inventory
Garner01_SQL SQL Server Garner01 - See SQL info for detailed record layout
Garner6_SQL SQL Server Garner6 - See SQL info for detailed record layout
Genrez General Use Rezoning Cases
GPDSQL1-SQL SQL Server GPDSQL1 - See SQL info for detailed record layout
Ia Internal Afairs records
Illicit Discharge Complaints Complaints we have received reporting suspected or observed illicit storm water discharges along with our findings
Illicit Discharge Screening All geographical areas that have been surveyed for illicit storm water discharges and any problems observed
IT Help Desk
(AKA Original CIS Service Calls)
IT Work Order System, Keeps track of help desk tickets.
media Holds information for Police Internet Podcast
MemberTrack A list of advisory Committee members, current and past
MUNIS Financial System Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Personnel, & Business License, Purchase Orders
Naviline Criminal Records
newsletter People signed up on the web to receive newsletters
Nitrogen Program All nitrogen export and impervious surface amounts of all developments subject to the Town’s program for storm water nitrogen control
OnlineDB Domestic Violence Protection
Parking_tickets Information re: payment of fines parking  violatons
pd_mailing_list Public  that signs up for the Police Internet Newsletter
pd_news Table that house news that is displayed on the WebSite
Plan Enforcement Enforcement cases prior to Tonwn Code Enforcement to Inspections
Plan Enforcement_old All enforcement cases prior to 2005
Plat Plat Cases (Exemption, Minor and Final Plats)
Powell Bill Listing of Town owned streets with mileage
Random Drug Testing Employee Information regarding random substance abuse testing
Rental Registration Owners of Rental Properties for Rental Registration 
reports Crash Reports
roster Police Staff
Senior Center Members List
ServiceTags Service Tag Invevntory for PCs
Sewer Allocation Allocated and remaining sewer since  2000.  
Signs Signs permits
Site Permits Site permits (administrative approval)
SitePlan Planned Development Database
STAR Complaints, problems and requests requiring action or follow-up by Council, staff or citizen
Stormwater Best Practices (BMP's) Storm water best management practices that every development has installed 
Stormwater BMP Inspections Inspection of BMP's
Street Right-of-Way Encroachment Listing of permits explaining who, what, when and where re: construction on a Town street or right-of-way
Streets Street names file relocating
SUBDIV Conditional and Special Use permits
tempuse Temporary use permits
Town Property All Town owned and sold property
UDO Amendments UDO amendments
Vehicles Inventory of Town owned vehicles
Zones Police Patrol Zones
Zoning Compliance Zoning permit database (accessory structures, fence prmits, general zoning permits, home occupations