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Street and Sidewalk Improvement Bonds

What makes up the $14.566 million of the Street and Sidewalk Improvement Bonds?

The Town is proposing to use this money to fund various projects such as:

$4.475 million for U.S. 70 improvements

The money would widen U.S. 70 at various locations from Morris Drive to New Rand Road to increase accessibility to the surrounding businesses as well as ease traffic flow and install lighting and landscaping along those areas. In addition, improvements to Jessup Drive at U.S. 70 will be made to improve traffic flow and safety.

$4.916 million to improve access to downtown Garner

Road improvements would be made to Montague Street, Purvis Street and New Rand Road according to the Historic Downtown Garner Plan and the Downtown Streetscape Plan. These improvements will enhance accessibility to existing amenities and expedite future public and private development in the area including a proposed Indoor Recreation Center and possible relocated regional library.

$3.2 million for sidewalks

Residents have expressed need for additional sidewalks throughout the community to improve safety and accessibility. The 2010 Garner Transportation Plan prioritizes the various sidewalk needs based on access to parks, schools, downtown Garner and connectivity to existing sidewalks. This list will be revisited and reprioritized if the bond passes to determine which sidewalks will be funded.

$750,000 for neighborhood improvement projects

Since January 2010, the Town of Garner's Neighborhood Improvement Program Initiative has tackled five areas for concentrated enforcement and support using Town resources. The primary purpose of the Neighborhood Improvement Program is to re-establish ownership, pride, and direction to the residents; stabilize and mitigate any issues that contribute to blight; and create an environment that fosters self-help through the formation of Neighborhood Watch groups and/or existing homeowner associations (HOAs). The targeted neighborhoods were identified based on multiple factors including number of complaints for overgrown lots/junk cars; calls to the Police Department for service; number of warrants served in a particular area; increased foreclosures; increase in zoning violations and input from the Town Council.

While the Town has been successful in completing high-priority projects that were identified in this process, there are remaining needs to be addressed. These include the following types of projects:

  • additional street lights in the Woodland North, New Rand Road and Bainbridge neighborhoods;
  • improved street lights in the Van Story Hills/Malibu Valley neighborhood; and
  • additional sidewalks in the Woodland North neighborhood, including Spring Drive, Coldwater Drive, Loop Road, and Yeargan Road in the area surrounding Garner Magnet High School.

The primary use of these neighborhood improvement funds is to serve as an available pool of funds ready for immediate usage when capital needs, especially streets and sidewalks, are identified in the Town’s ongoing neighborhood improvement program efforts.

$1.225 million for various other projects including improvements to the Benson Road and Garner Road intersection, Main Street streetscape improvements and underground power conversion.