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Public Safety and Services Facilities Bonds

What makes up the $12.0 million of the Public Safety and Services Facilities Bonds?

Garner Town Hall, located at 900 Seventh Avenue, is 38 years old (opened in 1975). This facility houses the Mayor’s office and town staff in the Administration, Economic Development, Engineering, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Inspections, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources, Planning and Police Departments. Additional staff from the Police Department is housed in two other facilities in the Town.

According to the most recent space study conducted, Town staff currently occupy 23,810 square feet of office space spread over five buildings. According to the architectural firm contracted to conduct the study, the Town has maximized its use of available space and currently has needs for additional and more efficient meeting, office and storage space.

The Town is proposing to relocate the Police Department from three separate buildings to a single facility located at 912 Seventh Avenue, immediately adjacent to the current Town Hall campus. In July 2012, the Town purchased properties at 912 and 914 Seventh Avenue (formerly the Rex building and Fidelity Bank building) for a total price of $891,292. At the time, the combined value of the properties was $3.5 million. This purchase was not only fiscally responsible but the buildings will contribute to the continuity of operations plan if the bonds are approved, making this purchase a wise investment. By moving the police department into 912 Seventh Avenue and allowing 914 Seventh Avenue to be used as “swing space” during construction, public services will be delivered to the public without interruption.

The current Town Hall would either be renovated or replaced on its current site and would be designed to have approximately 20,000 square feet of space to meet current needs and allow for future expansion.

The total estimated cost for the renovation of the current Town Hall structure would be approximately $11.0 million; the estimated cost to tear down and replace the existing Town Hall structure with a new building would be approximately $12.0 million. The cost of renovating the proposed Police Department building is included in both of these estimates.

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