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Parks and Recreational Bonds

What makes up the $7.15 million of the Parks and Recreational Bonds?

The Town is proposing to use this money to fund various projects such as:

$3.9 million for an indoor recreation center

A new Indoor Recreation Center would be built at the corner of Montague Street and Main Street that would include three gymnasiums, programming space, locker rooms and an indoor walking track. The facility would provide expanded space for sports and recreation, and after-school programming currently housed in the Avery Street Recreation Center, Avery Street Annex and rented spaces at several area schools. The total cost for the facility is estimated at $7.8 million. The Town has already secured half of the cost through a donation made by ConAgra, Parks and Recreation capital reserve funds, and potential grant money.

$1.0 million for park enhancements

The current capital improvement plan calls for over $9.1 million in improvements to current parks and greenway facilities. The $1.0 million will be used on the highest-priority needs identified in the Town of Garner Parks and Recreation, Open Space and Greenways Master Plan. This list will be revisited and reprioritized if the bond passes to determine which park improvements will be funded.

$750,000 for greenway projects

There is high demand for greenways and other pedestrian-related infrastructure in Garner. These funds would be used to construct greenways that would link to parks, neighborhoods, schools and key community features as identified in the Town of Garner Parks and Recreation, Open Space and Greenways Master Plan.

$1.5 million for Garner Performing Arts Center (GPAC) improvements

This money would provide funding to build a paved parking lot beside the GPAC to provide much needed additional parking, install a lighted and covered sidewalk from the parking lot to the GPAC, and possible land acquisition to expand the GPAC campus.