Garner’s public, educational and government channel, GTV11: In 2009, the Town of Garner began broadcasting program and event information, along with community news, videos and public service announcements on Time Warner Cable channel 11. This programming is also available on AT&T’s U-verse channel 99.

The Town broadcasts taped programming on GTV11 24 hours a day, seven day a week. The Town partners with PEG Media Partnership to produce content for GTV11. That content includes a weekly newscast, “Garner Update,” a monthly half-hour program called “Around Town” and taped broadcasts of the regular sessions of the Town Council.

Nonprofit organizations may submit event or community information to play on GTV11 to Rick Mercier at Information is limited to 10 lines or less; please include your contact information when making a request.

PEG Media Partnership’s most recent tax documents are below:

f990 EWTV 2011
f990 SCH-A EWTV 2011
f990 SCH-D EWTV 2011
f990 SCH-J EWTV 2011
f990 SCH-O EWTV 2011
f990 SCH-R EWTV 2011

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GTV11 Channel Lineup for Today

GTV 11:  Program Guide for Saturday
12:03 AMGreat People in Garner
12:53 AMGarner Update
1:00 AMGarner Town Council
2:55 AMGarner Update
3:00 AMGreat People in Garner
3:30 AMG.H.S. Football vs Clayton
5:24 AMGarner Update
5:30 AMConnect Conference: Session 2
6:14 AMGarner Update
7:00 AMIndependence Day Celebration
7:46 AMGarner Update
8:00 AMWakegovTV
8:30 AMWake Transit Kick-Off Meeting
9:42 AMGarner Update
10:00 AMGarner Town Council
11:50 AMGarner Update
12:00 PMGreat People in Garner
12:32 PMGarner Update
12:37 PMGarner AAC Year in Review
1:00 PMGarner Christmas Parade 2014
1:43 PMGarner Update
2:00 PMGreat People in Garner
2:30 PMGreat People in Garner
3:00 PMInside the Garner Fire Dept.
3:33 PMGarner Update
4:00 PMGreat People in Garner
4:21 PMGarner Update
4:30 PMGarner Around Town
5:00 PMGarner Christmas Parade 2014
5:43 PMWake Transit Kick-Off Meeting
7:00 PMGarner Town Council
8:50 PMGarner Update
9:00 PMGreat People in Garner
9:30 PMGarner Christmas Parade 2014
10:17 PMGarner Update
10:30 PMGreat People in Garner
11:00 PMGreat People in Garner
11:30 PMGreat People in Garner