Contact Information

Executive Staff

Sonya Shaw
Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Director
Rob Smith
Recreation Superintendent
Debbie Dunn
Performing Arts Center Manager
Stephanie Shaffer
Parks and Outdoor Education Program Manager
Marcelle Williams
Recreation Administrative Specialist

General Contact Information

Administrative Office, 919-773-4442
Avery Street Recreation Center, 919-662-5051
Avery Street Recreation Center Annex, 919-773-4441
Garner Performing Arts Center, 919-661-4602
Garner Senior Center, 919-779-0122
Lake Benson Boathouse, 919-662-5703
White Deer Park, 919-661-6982
Activity Line, 919-662-5043


Sonya Shaw, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Director, 919-773-4442 or
Marcelle Williams, Recreation Administrative Specialist, 919-773-4442 or

Marketing and Special Events

Nicole Sweat, Recreation Specialist - Marketing and Events, 919-773-4441 or

Arts and Cultural Resources

Debbie Dunn, Auditorium Manager, 919-661-4602 or
Jonathan Shearin, Theatre Services Coordinator, 919-661-6988 or

Sports & Fitness

Rob Smith, Recreation Superintendent-Centers and Athletics, 919-773-4438 or
Jack Baldwin, Avery Street Recreation Center Supervisor, 919-662-5051 or
Torrey Blackmar, Senior Center and Program Supervisor, 919-661-6890 or
Nancy Hulbert, Recreation Specialist-Seniors and Adults, 919-661-6893 or
Jim Rogers, Recreation Activities Specialist, 919-662-5051 or
Monica Lileton, Recreation Program Specialist, 919-890-7301 or

Outdoor & Adventure

Stephanie Shaffer, Parks and Outdoor Education Program Manager, 919-661-6892 or
Shoshannah Smith, Recreation Program Specialist, 919-773-4435 or